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NanoVNA V2 4.3 inch 3GHz NanoVNA-F V2 HF VHF UHF Vector Network Analyzer Antenna Analyzer SWR

NanoVNA V2 4.3 inch 3GHz NanoVNA-F V2 HF VHF UHF Vector Network Analyzer Antenna Analyzer SWR

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NanoVNA-F V2 is a new generation of portable, stand-alone vector network analyzer with 4.3" IPS LCD screen, metal enclosure5000mAh battery and SMA connectorsIt is a product based on edy555's NanoVNA and OwOComm's S-A-A-V2. The measurement frequency range of NanoVNA-F V2 is up to 3GHz. The S21 dynamic range is better than 70dB at 50kHz-1.5GHz and better than 60dB at 1.5GHz - 3GHz. NanoVAN-F V2 can work continuous for 7 hours duo to the large capacity battery and low-power consumption design.


  • Frequency range: 50kHz ~ 3GHz
  • S11 dynamic range: 50dB(50kHz ~ 1.5GHz), 40dB(1.5GHz ~ 3GHz)
  • S21 dynamic range: 70dB(50kHz ~ 1.5GHz), 60dB(1.5GHz ~ 3GHz)
  • RF output power: -9dBm
  • Frequency tolerance: 0.5ppm
  • Screen: 4.3" IPS LCD, 800*480, RTP touchpad
  • Operation via touch screen or 3 side buttons
  • Battery: 3.7V Li-Po, 5000mAh
  • Aluminum enclosure: 125mm x 75mm x 20mm 
  • SMA femal RF port
  • Sweep points: 101
  • Calibration result storage: 5
  • Calibration result interpolating supported
  • Traces: 4
  • Markers: 4
  • ​Measures: S-parameter, VSWR, smith chart, phase, ploar, etc.
  • Mark table can be moved up and down
  • Firmware upgrade via U-disk with type-c cable
  • USB power output: 5V/1A
  • Compatible with NanoVNA-saver, support screenshot


Package list:

  1. NanoVNA-F V2 x1
  2. 20cm SMA-JJ RG405 cable  x2
  3. Calibration kit: SMA OPEN/SHORT/50ohm LOAD
  4. SMA-KK adapter x1
  5. SMA-JJ adapter x1
  6. SMA-JKW adapter x1
  7. USB Type-C cable x1
  8. Stylus x1


NanoVNA-F V2 has excellent dynamic performance and can be used to test UHF and VHF duplexers:

868MHz antenna testing:

915MHz antenna testing:

2.4GHz microstrip filter testing:


Screenshot via nanovna-saver

circuit board design of NanoVNA-F V2:

PORT1 RF power level:

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